Monday, September 8, 2008

Argentina is GF-Friendly

Hey friends. I just got back from a fantastic trip to Argentina and am sad to be home. I just thought I would mention, however, that Argentina is GF-friendly - more friendly than the blessed US of A (as is every other foreign country I've been to) - so if you randomly decide you want to visit this beautiful place, don't let your diet hold you back (say, "soy celiaco(a)" and most people know what you are talking about). The association that facilitates food labeling there has come up with a very handy little "stamp" that goes on all products that are gluten-free. This makes reading labels pretty easy, although I tend to be OCD so I still checked to make sure they were right (paranoid much?) All products with this stamp are free of wheat, barley, oats, and rye (el trigo, la avena, la cebada, y el centeno). There is a pretty great gluten-free blog in Spanish that I have decided to link to - I figure that a good number of people will be able to understand it. It has recipes and lots of good information, so check it out. Anyway, I'm hoping to update this more...I guess I have been pretty negligent. Nos vemos.

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